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Tender Hearts Babies Home Rocket Stove

Tender Hearts Babies Home was founded by Kenneth and Kathy Nganda. Their baby home is located in Mukono, Uganda along the southern border about halfway between Kampala and Jinja. They care for up to 50 children birth to 5 years old. OFY provided Tender Hearts Babies Home with a donation to improve their kitchen and with it they were able to purchase a refurbished rocket stove with two ovens. This upgrade will help keep the kitchen clean and the children well fed!

Ekisa Ministries-Physio Room

Ekisa is an orphanage that houses and cares for up to 30 Ugandan children with serious medical issues ranging from seizure disorders; epilepsy; paraplegics; autism; and down syndrome. These are the children no one wants to or is able to care for. Most are in need of physical and occupational therapy. They were in serious need of a new ‘Physio Room’ to perform their therapy in. OFY’s donation built this room that is attached to their main structure and is now completed and the site for therapy for many of the residents.

Ugandan Foster Parent Network

In Uganda there is no state funded foster care system, foster parents in Uganda must provide for their foster children on their own income and generous donations. Through his several trips to Uganda OFY Executive Director, Michael Rush has connected with a group of Ugandan foster parents who are dedicated not only to their foster children but to the families of their community. The foster parents have set up a pool of funds that they use to help “satellite” families, a widow who has no means of providing for her children.

Formula for Abide Family Center

The Abide Family Center’s mission is to keep Ugandan children out of orphanages and serves this mission by offering support and education to at-risk families. While on his recent trip to Uganda, Executive Director Michael Rush, provided Abide with a donation to purchase a nutrient rich formula that will be disbursed to at-risk families.

Resettlement project supplies for Nsambya Children's Home

Nsambya Children’s Home in Kampala cares for abandoned children from ages 0-5 years old. In addition to providing shelter, education, and medical care for the children, Nsambya researches families for resettlement and helps the children transition into adoptive and foster care homes. OFY provided Nsambya with a donation to be used toward “resettlement” packages which provide the children with clothes, bedding, and other personal care items as they transition from living in an orphanage to living with their family.

Wheelchairs for Ekisa Ministries

In March of 2015 OFY provided a monetary donation to Emily Worrall (pictured below), co-founder of Ekisa Ministries, to be used to purchase new wheelchairs for the children’s home. Ekisa Ministries is home to 21 disabled Ugandan children who receive the care and attention they need to thrive.  In addition to caring for disabled children Ekisa also provides education to the families of the disabled children, teaching them how to properly care for their children and working toward reunification. 

Kamuli Village Home

Approximately 40 kilometers north of Jinja, Uganda lies the impoverished area of Kamuli Village. Sharon Nyanjura was born and raised in Kamuli by her mother, but had the great fortune to receive an educational sponsorship until she graduated from Makerere University. Sharon is now the founder of Arise and Shine Uganda, a children's home in the Jinja area of southern Uganda. Sharon is actively giving back to her dearly loved mother and the village of Kamuli.

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