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From Two to Four: An OFY Family's International Adoption Story

Options for Families and Youth is a Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider for International Adoption. What exactly does that mean? Simply stated, it means that Options for Families and Youth is qualified to help families in Ohio with international home study and post placement adoption services. 

For One Adoptive Family, Support Has Meant Everything to Them!

An adoptive mother recently said, “This is going so much better than we ever would have thought.  Our daughter just blended right into our family!”  She explained that so many people have been so supportive to them throughout this adoption journey including their church congregation, the adoption support group at their church, the placing agency, the local, Ohio agency, and their family and friends.    

"Hey! Are You Mike Rush?"

I have told the following story verbally to many people who talk to me about my experiences in Uganda. I thought it was about time that I put it in writing. My only concern it that it will be too long. I have to break it up into two parts. So, here’s Part I.

Financing Adoption

Often one of the largest obstacles for families who are considering international adoption is the cost. At OFY we understand that funding an adoption, especially an international adoption, is very expensive. While many individuals and couples have the desire, skills and resources to care for a child, the initial costs keep them from adopting.  Although the expenses can seem overwhelming, we are committed to helping families explore options to make adoption more affordable.  Fortunately, there are some funding sources available to help with the cost of adoption. 

Out of Sight...Out of Mind

I was up early watching the news late last week regarding the violence occurring in the Central African Republic. The piece was on the refugees being created by the warring factions and the resultant camps being set up so that people who are surviving the violence can do just that…survive…barely.


I’m currently reading through an excellent book written by Johnny Carr (with Laura Captari) called Orphan Justice. I was really impacted by a chapter in the book on orphans and orphanages as it brought back to mind many of the same thoughts and feelings that I experienced during my time in Africa earlier this year.


You remember the old game that used to be played called, ‘Simon Says’ don’t you?  One person stood in front of a group of other people and told them or showed them to do certain things.  The key to the game was that you only said or did the thing if it was preceded by the leader saying the words, “Simon says …”  You had to pay very close attention to whether ‘Simon’ said to do something.  If he did say it, then you did it.

Just One

I’mmmm baaaaccckkk! Not that anyone missed me. 

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