What Type of Adoption is for You?

So, you’re thinking about adoption.   What a beautiful and wonderful experience it will be to welcome a child into your family who is in need of a forever family. 

Maybe you heard about adoption in church…..  

Maybe you know someone who has adopted….

Maybe you are facing infertility and really want to be parents….

Whatever the case may be, God has laid adoption on your heart.  You may be wondering, “Now where to start?”  

Good question. 

Most people start on the internet and talking with people they know who have adopted. 

OFY's Historic Accomplishment!

The beginning of April marked an important time in OFY history with the finalization of our first Domestic Adoption! OFY guided the Johnson Family through the adoption process, making the day of finalization special for everyone in attendance. Congratulations to the Johnsons!


Financing Adoption

Often one of the largest obstacles for families who are considering international adoption is the cost. At OFY we understand that funding an adoption, especially an international adoption, is very expensive. While many individuals and couples have the desire, skills and resources to care for a child, the initial costs keep them from adopting.  Although the expenses can seem overwhelming, we are committed to helping families explore options to make adoption more affordable.  Fortunately, there are some funding sources available to help with the cost of adoption. 

Just One

I’mmmm baaaaccckkk! Not that anyone missed me. 

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