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About every month or so we will use this page to feature one of our currently-licensed foster families. 

Ida, Sweet as an Apple...

We’ve got another veteran foster parent for you today. Her name is Ida Ferrell and she’s been licensed by OFY since 1995. Ida is still going strong caring for a young lady that she adopted many years ago as well as fostering two brothers who were placed together with her over 6 years ago. We are ‘rounding the bend’ with the two brothers as a relative has stepped forward to accept them into her home. For Ida and her foster sons, that means separating from two young men whose lives she has truly shaped and emotionally touched. It’s tough but let’s hear what Ida has to say about that.

Ida, won’t it be difficult for you to see those boys leave your home?

“You know Mike I have mixed emotions. Sometimes I wish I was twenty years younger, so I wouldn’t have to deal with them leaving. I’m glad their relative is doing this. They’ll be OK. I’ve already gotten some of my tears out of the way. It hurts; I cry, but I’m also praying over it too.”

Is there a guiding theme in your life that keeps you focused?

“My church is central to me. God has brought me through a lot. Both my husband and my daughter died (at the age of 31) within a short span of time. God has been good to me. There is no one like Him. I attend Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church at Mayfield and Green roads.”

Why did you become a foster parent Ida?

“I had retired and was widowed. I picked up a part-time job to keep me busy but wasn’t satisfied doing it. My daughters-in-law encouraged me to take training and become a foster parent. I wasn’t sure I could do it so I thought I’d try it for a year.”

I have to laugh Ida. It’s over 18 years later and you are still fostering! Where does the energy come from?

“They help me; they keep me going; they give me a lot. I have a reason to get up in the morning. The delight that I see on their faces makes me feel good! I just ‘go’ and don’t think about it; I just do it. I may not get it done as fast or as much as I used to, but it still gets done. I’m blessed!”

Ida, what do you do in your spare time?

“I haven’t found any! Really…we go to movies, take vacations, visit family out of town; and we like to go out to eat.”

As I wrapped it up with Ida and asked how much longer she’d continue to foster she said, “I’ll only do it for one more year.”

We’ll take as much time from you as you want to give us Ida! We’re so very fortunate you’re an OFY foster parent.

Archive-Alice White

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