Kamuli Village Home

Approximately 40 kilometers north of Jinja, Uganda lies the impoverished area of Kamuli Village. Sharon Nyanjura was born and raised in Kamuli by her mother, but had the great fortune to receive an educational sponsorship until she graduated from Makerere University. Sharon is now the founder of Arise and Shine Uganda, a children's home in the Jinja area of southern Uganda. Sharon is actively giving back to her dearly loved mother and the village of Kamuli. She visits as often as she can; teaching the local Kamuli women how to make rolled-paper, beaded necklaces and educating others with tailoring lessons in a shed with about 25 sewing machines.

Sharon's mother, Ida, cares for 16 children in the village, living in two small huts with no windows and very little else. Sharon is building a house for her mother and these children and desperately wants to move them into their new home. The construction is almost complete and OFY want to help her finish the house. Once completed, Ida will be able to care for the Kamuli children in a home with a roof that doesn't leak and enough room for Sharon to continue her tailoring lessons.



If you would like to help provide the children of Kamuli Village a safe and comfortable home please click on the Paypal link below and specify "Kamuli" in the comments section.  Your support is appreciated! 





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