In February of this year, I was sitting on the top of a hill just outside a guest house in Kampala, Uganda. It was early morning and I was fascinated by watching the sight before me. There were these giant birds and I mean really, huge birds that looked like vultures (actually pterodactyls) circling in the air with their wings outspread. I can’t remember the name of those birds and though I’ve seen birds circle in the air like that here in Ohio, these really made an impression on me.

They were flying effortlessly…giving their bodies completely over to the wind. The wind powered them and lifted them up; allowing them to soar and essentially do what they were ultimately created to do…fly. Every so often they needed to be observant, by making an adjustment with their wings and body weight to avoid treetops and to get where they were going. They needed to know when to contribute so that they didn’t lose the altitude they had gained. It struck home with me that it was the wind that did most of the work keeping them aloft. The wind gave the bird the ability to reach its goals; to achieve its purpose.

And so it should be with us…

When I read the Bible, I have always looked at the wind as a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit. Play this out for a second. The Spirit of God should so move in my surrendered body that when others see me doing what I do (‘soaring’ in this bird analogy) they would realize that it’s really God working; He is moving me…lifting me up…directing me…to do greater things. Every so often I need to contribute; making an adjustment; being observant of my surroundings; using skills that the good Lord has blessed me with. People need to see that it’s Him, not me getting me to where I’m going…what I was meant to do.

I would be the first to tell you that I often fail miserably at surrendering to the Spirit. I lose my temper…I try to take control…I just don’t make adjustments and tweaks; I want to do it all by myself. I forget the most important part…surrender.

Those giant birds have got it down. When their talons leave the branch of those trees, they are taking a huge ‘step of faith’. They flap their wings a few times but then they let the wind take over. Taking steps of faith; relying on God’s Spirit; watching my surroundings; listening to the people in my life that I trust…making those adjustments…and letting the ‘Wind’ carry me to where I’m going.

Wish I could do that more. Wish I could that better.

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