• The Mission

    Options for Families and Youth is committed to developing and strengthening pathways of change that promote the well-being of children and families.


  • Adoptions

    We are now recruiting people interested in private domestic, child welfare and international adoptions.

  • Foster Care

    We need more foster parents; especially for teens!

  • Where They Have Gone

    OFY has discharged over 85% of our foster children to their biological parents, relatives or an adoptive home.

  • Uganda

    OFY has invested in several initiatives in Uganda.

Birth Parent Request Form

OFY has currently placed the development of our Private Domestic Adoption Services on “hold” status. Those interested in birthparent or private, domestic adoption services will be referred to existing, well-established programs in the Northeastern Ohio area.

We understand that you have a lot of questions right now and are anxious to have them answered honestly and quickly. At OFY we have an experienced team of professionals that is dedicated to providing you quality services. 

Preliminary Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in the Adoption Programs at Options for Families and Youth.  We know that your adoption process is a journey of the heart.  Finding the right team to guide you through the adoption process is a very important part of your journey. The staff at Options for Families and Youth recognizes the importance of choosing a team you feel comfortable with and we are committed to helping you navigate your way through this journey.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Options for Families and Youth.  At OFY we have an experienced team of professionals that is dedicated to providing you with answers to your questions about Adoption, Foster Care, Counseling and Therapy Services.  We realize that your time is valuable and want to provide you with the information you are seeking in a timely manner.

Well it’s hard to believe that over two months have passed by since the last blog post. The changes at OFY continue.

We are now a “foster-...

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First-time foster parents, who are also approved to be adoptive parents, learn very quickly when they receive their first foster child that there...

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