Well Worth the Wait

The journey for the Milewski family began nearly three years ago in March of 2015. They got a call from me asking them to consider accepting the placement of a foster child in their home who had been in the hospital since birth. The little boy was six weeks old and in the hospital’s pediatric ICU. After talking it over with her husband Don, Becky said, “Sure.”

Becky however had to go to the hospital for training in how to care for and address the child’s special needs, largely a result of maternal drug use during pregnancy. She was required to attend that training before he was discharged, but also made other visits. It’s just how Becky was and still is.

There were many, many days that turned into months of holding, massaging muscles and taking him to therapy appointments. The whole Milewski family pitched in…it wasn’t just Becky...she had the help of Don, and their three daughters. There were many days when the help they gave Becky boiled down to perhaps the lessened attention they got from her or the patience it took to manage all of that boy’s special needs. It’s what foster families do that rarely gets noticed…the daily stuff of life that helps a child grow and develop properly. All the effort slowly did its work. That little boy improved step by step and began to develop from a six-week old, fragile child into a ‘regular,’ little guy. Any outsider would see a regular, little guy who wouldn’t believe it if you told them the whole story.

Then came the day when the Milewskis had to make a decision. The opportunity came. Would they adopt this child? ‘No- brainer’ there!

However then came the wait.

How many times could a court hearing be cancelled and rescheduled? There was a social worker’s unexpected leave. Cancelled court hearing. There was the Republican National Convention in town. Cancelled court hearing. There was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory parade. What do you think happened? Cancelled court hearing! The Milewskis exude patience.

Finally the day arrived in September of 2017. Take a look. Now he’s a Milewski!

Ain’t it well worth the wait? You bet.

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