Ugandan Initiatives: Part 1

OFY is currently developing funds for 2 initiatives in Uganda. Both of these projects, when completed, will improve the quality of life for poverty stricken Ugandan children and their families. 


The Kamuli Village Home initiative was spearheaded by Sharon Nyanjura, founder of Arise and Shine Uganda, who grew up in Kamuli. Sharon now dedicates much of her time and resources to helping the residents of Kamuli. Sharon has provided many local women with the resources and education to create necklaces through the art of rolling paper into beads. She then takes these necklaces and sells them, returning the profits back to the women and their families.  She also assists local Kamuli women who labor in an old shed packed with 25 sewing machines to improve their valuable tailoring skills. Both of these skills are essential for the women of Kamuli to become self-sufficient, greatly benefiting their children. 


Sharon’s current project is very dear to her heart.  She has begun construction on a home for her mother, Ida, who cares for 16 village children. Ida and the children presently live in 2 huts that have no windows and dirt floors. There are no beds for the children to sleep on; only random mats and broken couches. Sharon has erected a large, sturdy structure with a solid roof and plenty of room. Now, all that is left to complete the house is the installation of windows and doors and the laying of the cement floor.  OFY is joining Sharon in raising funds to complete the Kamuli Village Home and provide a safe place for the Kamuli children to live and thrive. 


If you are interested in supporting Sharon and the children of Kamuli Village, please visit the Kamuli Village Home page.

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