Ugandan Foster Parent Network

In Uganda there is no state funded foster care system, foster parents in Uganda must provide for their foster children on their own income and generous donations. Through his several trips to Uganda OFY Executive Director, Michael Rush has connected with a group of Ugandan foster parents who are dedicated not only to their foster children but to the families of their community. The foster parents have set up a pool of funds that they use to help “satellite” families, a widow who has no means of providing for her children. The foster parents will mentor the family and use the funds to help the widow set up a small business (planting crops, bead-making, tailoring, etc.) and help the family become self-sufficient. With great admiration OFY foster parents donated $2,150 to the Ugandan Foster Parent Network’s pool of funds for “satellite” families. Pictured below is a representative from the Ugandan Foster Parent Network gratefully accepting the OFY foster parents’ generous donation.

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