Those Folks at St. Peter's

Back in June, 2014 one of OFY’s adoptive parents from a few years back contacted me and said that our agency was selected by her church to be the recipient of their ‘Loose Bills’ program for the month of July, 2014. I was invited to speak at their Saturday evening and Sunday morning services and describe what we are doing at OFY. I particularly emphasized our current efforts in Uganda.

What happens is that the church leaders gather the loose bills given by the congregation in the weekly collection plate/basket for the month and then turn that sum of money over to the designated organization. I recently received the contribution from the congregation of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and was overwhelmed by their generosity!

I know exactly what these dollars can be used for and am currently setting about the task to have them delivered to the Director of an Orphanage in Uganda, East Africa. The donation from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church will go directly to purchase necessary items that will make the lives of the needy children cared for in that Orphanage much better.

I intend to return to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to thank that congregation personally for how the Spirit of God moved in them…for how they exhibited love to children a half a globe away. Those children are comforted now. They know that some people from somewhere very far away care for them and thought enough about them to make a difference in their lives.

That’s how God works…through the hands and hearts of His believers. With gratitude toward you folks at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church…Mike Rush

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