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A home study, sometimes called a “family assessment” is a written review of you, your family and your home environment by a social worker to help determine whether you are suitable and eligible to adopt a child. Specific requirements of the home study for international adoption are based on the department of children and family services in the state where the family resides, U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) guidelines and the child’s country of origin. For information regarding USCIS requirements go to USCIS Home study Information. Home study preparation requirements vary.

Options for Families and Youth (OFY) has been completing adoption home studies and providing post-placement services for adoptive families working to adopt internationally through organizations outside of Ohio for several years. We have been both an exempt and supervised provider of international agencies in several other states. We are familiar with the requirements of numerous countries including China, Ethiopia, South Korea, Philippines, and Ukraine. For a list of agencies that OFY has cooperating relationships with by state click here.

The time it takes to conduct a home study will vary but usually takes about 3 months to complete because of background checks, required training and collection of required documents.  To learn more about what is required of prospective adoptive parents for the home study click here. The cost of the home study depends on what kind of adoption you are interested in, requirements of the country you are planning to adopt from and the services needed. For more information about home study fees click here

Many countries require some type of post-placement/post-adoption reporting to ensure that your child is thriving in his or her new environment. Some countries require family-submitted reports, others require agency-submitted reports. The number and frequency of post placement/post-adoption reports also varies. We can assist families in completing agency-submitted reports. For more information about post-placement, post-adoption and re-adoption services click here.

To learn more about International Adoption and how we can help you, please request one of our free Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 216-267-7070.

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