I don’t understand. Is Options for Families and Youth (OFY) going out of business?

We don’t like to call it that but yes, we are ‘closing our doors’ after 28 years of serving children and families in Cuyahoga County and the state of Ohio. Our Board Of Trustees decided, along with agency Co-Founders, Mike and Debbie Rush, that 2018 would be OFY’s final year of operation.

How come?

The short answer is that both Mike and Debbie are retiring as they are both 66 years old and want more time to: serve at their church; serve in the community; spend time with their daughters and grandchildren; and just generally enjoy life.

Why not hire someone to replace Mike and Debbie and keep OFY going?

Generally that’s what does happen with non-profits. However, there were many things that Mike and Debbie do in running a small agency that someone hired to take their places wouldn’t be inclined to do. Their absence means several people would need to be hired to take their places. Upon reviewing the total picture of revenue versus expenses, it was decided to close down the agency.

What’s next?

OFY worked about 1 ½ years ago to transition our Behavioral Health services to another non-profit, Pathway Caring For Children (Pathway CFC). Pathway CFC is a Canton-based agency that wanted to expand their services in Cuyahoga County. Their partnership with us was a successful one. This led to OFY working in partnership with Pathway CFC over the past year to transfer many of our child welfare foster and adoptive families to their agency. Our foster families had choices to make: transfer to Pathway CFC; transfer to another agency; or withdraw their licenses and close their homes.

So where is Pathway CFC?

Pathway CFC is located at the same office location that OFY left; 5131 West 140th Street, Brook Park, Ohio 44142. They have kept the same office number: 216-267-7070. Pathway CFC employed any OFY staff member that chose to work for them. All of the Behavioral Health clients, foster and adoptive parents continue to be served at the same location. If you are interested in foster care, adoption or counseling services you can call them.

Where is OFY?

OFY moved to a new location: Park Place, 11351 Pearl Road, Suite 103A, Strongsville, Ohio 44136. The new phone number is: 440-268-8388. All other contact info remains the same: Fax: 216-267-7075; Email: mrush@ofycares.org; Website: www.ofycares.org.

What is OFY doing now?

OFY is winding down. We are completing several child welfare adoptions for ex-OFY foster parents who are now able to adopt their foster children. We have over 80 Ohio international adoptive families that: need to transfer to agencies of their choice; or close their home to adoption. OFY continues to complete post adoption reports for many of these Ohio international families so they can be sent off to the countries they adopted from. We are updating our website in the next month and continue to write blogs to reflect our changes and status. OFY continues to support non-profits working with children and families both here and overseas. We now have a ‘skeleton crew’ of part-timers (including Mike and Debbie) working on these tasks.

What if I have general questions about foster care or adoption?

We continue to share what we know about foster care or adoption with anyone who chooses to call us. Mike, Debbie and our Assistant Director, Ginger Heyneman, have a combined 111 years of experience in the fields of foster care and adoption. So fire away. We would prefer phone calls or face-to-face meetings however as many of the questions you ask may have complex answers.

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