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A-Squared = AMANDA and AMY

About 6 years ago we ran across a single woman, Amanda Chambers, who always wanted to have a family. As the months and years kept passing by, to her it looked like she was running out of time. She knew that she loved children; she knew she had the resources to afford a child; and she was confident in her ability to provide a safe, loving environment. Amanda took a chance on becoming a foster parent…then it happened.

What happened was something God had planned for her (Amanda will tell you the same thing) and that she was unaware of at the time. He had picked out just the right little girl for her. Amanda was only interested in fostering 6 years ago, but that’s when Amy entered her life.

Amy had a tough life already for a 5 year old. Amanda ‘hunkered down’ and started to work on all the special needs that Amy’s short life had handed to her. There were plenty of doctor appointments, visits with Amy’s parents, bedtime routines that were frustrating, tears cried, school enrollment for the first time in Amy’s life, hugs, hugs and more hugs to comfort, and other issues about making and keeping friends.

Amanda was new at being a parent but she was oh so very good at it!

Then the day came when it was time for Amy to go home to her biological parents. Her parents did what they were told to do in order to get her back. No one was certain if it was going to work out. Amanda knew she had to separate from Amy. Their bond had grown strong and Amanda was shocked at the attachment she had to Amy. When the time came for Amy to leave her home, Amanda took some comfort in the fact that she’d still have some contact with her foster daughter.

It didn’t work out for Amy and her biological parents. The progress each parent had made unraveled quickly and Amy’s return fell apart. Fortunately for Amy, we hadn’t placed anyone new in Amanda’s foster home. When I called her about taking Amy back, I remember I didn’t  even finish my sentence before Amanda said, “Yes!”

About one year later, Amanda adopted Amy. Here’s what’s happened.

Mike: So Amanda, how’s Amy doing?
Amanda: Amy’s entering the 6th grade. How did this happen so quickly? Amy is great. Amy loves school. She is an extremely caring young lady with an amazing amount of love to share. Her ability to love and be concerned about other people was not altered by any of her past circumstances. She has a good circle of friends that has grown over the years.

Mike: What are some of the things you love about being a mom?
Amanda: I really enjoy seeing Amy “blossom” in every area of her life. She has developed talents she never realized she had. She is a great swimmer; she has musical ability; and she is now discovering her potential abilities in art. I love to see her try to learn new things. She has really grown in accepting responsibility and that is what makes me most proud.

Mike: Give me an example of taking responsibility.
Amanda: Here’s a good one…Amy returned from two weeks away at a church camp. When she returned and I went through her stuff, every sock that she left with had its match! Can you believe it?

Mike: That’s not the Amy I used to know. What’s been challenging for you?
Amanda: Still having the struggles that any single parent has. Trying to do everything I should and finding the time to do it. Trying to find the balance in doing fun things with Amy as well as the things we have to do. Part of that is me; I’m always thinking about what I have to get done next and I sometimes don’t savor the moment that I’m in with her.

Mike: When you look back at all this Amanda, what usually comes to mind? What do you reflect on?
Amanda: That I’m blessed! I realize that this was the Lord’s plan for me. God was prompting me even before the time Amy returned to her biological parents, that she was something special and that we were a good fit for each other.

In the work we do in adoption there are times when you are uncertain if ‘matching’ a parent with a child who needs a lot, is going to work out. You pray and watch it unfold. I always believed that Amanda was a good match for Amy and that she would get what she needed.

When it comes to making matches, God is the ‘Ultimate Matchmaker.’

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