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I received a Christmas letter on December 26th. You know those letters don’t you? They summarize the events of the past year of a family you don’t stay in touch with, but you are still curious about how they are doing.

Well I got blown away by this Christmas letter.

You see, over 18 years ago I picked up twin girls from the Department of Children and Family Services and placed them in one of our foster homes. Dave and Carol Williams at the time had four young children of their own but were willing to take two more. That’s where their hearts were…the kind of people you don’t run into very often in life. They loved children and wanted to help out children who were less fortunate than they were.

As sometimes happens, fostering those twins turned into an opportunity to adopt them both. Dave and Carol said, “Yes,” and the Williams clan went from four children to six.

Time passed, job opportunities came and the Williams family left Salem, Ohio and journeyed out to the great Midwestern state of Kansas. With my 63-year old memory, I think that I have had some contact with Dave and Carol. I had a hunch that the twins were doing OK.

In the back of my mind, I always wonder about what happens to all those children that we find adoptive families for.   

Then THE Christmas letter arrived along with this beautiful card that you see here. The Williams family now has four married adult children with five grandchildren. Those four young children now range in age from 23 to 30. The twins are approaching their 19th birthdays. The twins are 19…the twins are 19…the twins are…nevermind. The letter was filled with wonderful things about those girls; actually, about the whole family.

Do you know how old I feel?

Better yet. Do you know how uplifted I feel?

Over the years OFY has facilitated the adoption of over 320 young people from the child welfare system. I know that all of them don’t have happy endings. There are no guarantees that everything turns out fine in our lives…even when we raise our biological children from birth.

I’m so glad that the Williams family sent that Christmas letter to us. It does so much more than keeping me in touch. It gives me motivation to continue this work, encouragement that hard work and good parenting produces quality individuals and, of course, hope for the future.

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