This page provides you with what would be required of you in order to apply for a position at Options for Families and Youth (OFY). We have broken down each program for you and let you know what type of education, experience, and licensure/certification is needed. You can upload your resume through our website to us OR you can call if you have further questions and speak to me, Mike Rush, directly at 216-267-7070 ext.12.

Foster Care

We currently employ four full-time, foster care case managers. They work with about 50 to 55 children/teens. Case managers typically carry a caseload of 12-to-16 children/teens that are placed in five-to-eight foster homes. These are specialized (treatment) foster homes that have children/teens with special needs.

Case managers are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work AS WELL AS being certified as a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Case managers can possess higher degrees and certifications such as a Master’s Degree in Social Work with LISW, LISW-S or LPCC certification.

In our Foster Care program, OFY also employs a Training Coordinator; Licensing Specialist; Case Aid and Administrative Support Staff.


OFY currently employs several individuals to perform home studies for adoptive parents. Due to the current funding cuts in the state budget regarding adoptions in the child welfare system, our adoption services to this population have been limited to our ongoing contract with the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services. OFY is currently certified as Private Child Placing Agency (PCPA) allowing us to perform private, domestic adoption services. We have also acquired Hague Accreditation from the Council On Accreditation in order to do International Adoptions effective November, 2013.

Behavioral Healthcare

OFY currently employs five individuals in our Behavioral Healthcare Department. We are in the process of expanding our services to the community. We are currently providing service to Medicaid-only clients who are children, adolescents, or adults.

Therapists are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or Counseling AND be licensed as a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). OFY would prefer that interested LSWs or LPCs have a measure of experience in the field of providing Assessments and Counseling or Therapy. We also welcome individuals with Master’s Degrees and higher certifications, i.e. LISW, LPCC or LISW-S.

If You Are Interested?

The next best step if you wish to explore employment at OFY is to call and/or email Mike Rush and make an inquiry. We will respond about current opportunities available to you. If you wish, OFY keeps an “active file” of resumes of those interested enough to call us or email. So, if you are so inclined, attach your resume.
By the way…you can do things the old fashioned way and simply call us at 216-267-7070 and ask to speak to me, Mike Rush, personally.

Why Would I Want To Work At Options for Families and Youth?

Hey! Maybe you don’t, but here’s a sample of what some of our employees say about working at Options for Families and Youth (OFY):

“Along with the wide variety of work I enjoy doing, I find the staff to be an exceptional group of caring and dedicated people. They do everything they possibly can to help a child, parent, or foster parent.” – Shirley Polick, OFY Receptionist

“OFY is mission-focused and values the good that can be found in all people.” – Janice Smith, OFY Foster Care Case Manager

“Considering the difficult work we do, a positive environment is essential. OFY offers a diverse group of supportive individuals and an atmosphere of comraderie and objectivity.” – John Uhlir, OFY Foster Care Case Manager

“OFY is my ideal place to work. Staff expertise and dedication provide a rich, supportive environment that allows us to provide a unique combination of service options for the children and families in our community.” – Ginger Heyneman, OFY Assistant Director

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