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I’m currently reading through an excellent book written by Johnny Carr (with Laura Captari) called Orphan Justice. I was really impacted by a chapter in the book on orphans and orphanages as it brought back to mind many of the same thoughts and feelings that I experienced during my time in Africa earlier this year.

You remember the old game that used to be played called, ‘Simon Says’ don’t you?  One person stood in front of a group of other people and told them or showed them to do certain things.  The key to the game was that you only said or did the thing if it was preceded by the leader saying the words, “Simon says …”  You had to pay very close attention to whether ‘Simon’ said to do something.  If he did say it, then you did it.

Hold that thought …

In February of this year, I was sitting on the top of a hill just outside a guest house in Kampala, Uganda. It was early morning and I was fascinated by watching the sight before me. There were these giant birds and I mean really, huge birds that looked like vultures (actually pterodactyls) circling in the air with their wings outspread. I can’t remember the name of those birds and though I’ve seen birds circle in the air like that here in Ohio, these really made an impression on me.

I’mmmm baaaaccckkk! Not that anyone missed me. 

I returned from my trips to Uganda and Ethiopia with eyes that were further opened by all of the deep, extreme poverty and needs I saw. Since arriving back to the U.S. on Saturday, 2/16/13, a day doesn’t pass that I don’t think about what I saw in the faces of children, young people and adults. I dream about it as well as having thoughts enter my head as I go through my day. There are times I just have to stop and pray for the people that I met who are dedicating their lives to serving those in need in both countries.

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